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So I have been watching the Cecile hotel mini series on Netflix. Since I started watching it, I started thinking. If we had the option to speak to someone who has passed on, who and why. I would speak with Elizabeth Short and Elisa Lam to see what really happened to them. Did Elisa really kill herself? Even the assistant ME doesn’t really think it was suicide. For Elizabeth, there have been many theories but nothing has been concrete. 

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Chelzia Asti

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Elisa Lam was MURDERED! you cannot convince me otherwise! First, you had to have special access to the roof of the Cecil Hotel. Second, she wouldn't have been able to close the lid on the water tank from the inside. And lastly, she may've suffered from bi polar disorder but she had no history of suicide attempts nd furthermore no one takes their life by drowning, its too long and you're conscious the entire time, its not statistical of suicide. plus its also a statistic that women prefer to leave a "beautiful" corpse, she never do that completely naked.

one more thing: WHERE IS HER PHONE?? they never found that.

as Bailey Sarian would say, Suspish.

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I truly believe George Hodel murdered Elizabeth Short

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so do I, watch baileys video about the Cleveland torso killer, I think that was him too

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GIRL, same

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