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Lil B: backpack curated ---> a +20hr playlist of Lil B's GOOD tracks.

This took me forever...
This ended me up in the top 0.05% of all Lil B listeners on Spotify for 2021.

As some of you may know, Lil B has a habit of dropping +5hr mixtapes. He's dropped 67 albums/mixtapes in his career so far, more if you count projects produced under separate aliases, like his weird classical album.
I went through each of them, picked out the highest quality tracks, and stored them on this playlist so I could just play it on shuffle whenever I needed to be friends with the Based God for a little bit.

Maybe you might be able to use it too. Or maybe you've never got the chance to try his music out, and this acts as a convenient little "station" of his best work to ease you into his music.

Beacuase let's be real. There is some TRASH ASS music in this man's musical catalog. Some of it makes my fucking ears bleed. But I don't think anyone can deny that there are some bangers in there too. Enough that I am convinced that the rest is just Lil B poking fun at the rest of the rap world. Basedworld Paradise, Hoop Life, God's Father, The Basedprint II... these are great works in my book.

He even wrote a song called 'Myspace' so there's a connection there :)

Disclaimer: As far as rap/hip-hop goes, I'm one of those college white boys that listen to MF DOOM and A Tribe Called Quest.  This playlist reflects that sensibility.
In other words, if you're more inclined towards the intense, hype-building kind of hip-hop then this may not be your cup of tea. Although if you're into that kind of stuff, Lil B has a lot of that too!

Link to full playlist ---> 'Lil B: backpack curated' on Spotify

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