Day light day light

Screaming till the twilight

Preying on the weak and small

Blood spattered on the ground

Running through the dark parade

Grim like the reaper

Blue horse in the stable

Black cat by the lawn

Remains of relics from the past

Shattered bones and buried future

Burnt skin, bruised faces

Depths of Despair everywhere

Infantile cries , lost mothers

Loud thunders silenced

Moon light moon light

Screams continued through the night

Vultures and crows 

Across the barren blight

Red river , broken homes

Rotten sense filled the air

Weeks in between the years

Ruined the history for decades

One cherished the victory

One wailed the wretched life

 scant was The poisoned glory

Greed led to another fury

Devastated lives , history to the sons and daughters

The Melancholy never slept .

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