***This is not a suicide note****

***This is not a suicide note, it's just something I wrote well I was extemely depressed. Please do not think I'm going to do anything stupid. Thank you - Doug***

All they ever wanted was for me to come home
But I stayed out to long and now everyone is gone
Now I'm stuck by myself and I fucking hate being alone
If they didn't take them all - I 'd put a gun to my dome
Cause now all I really want is for my mind to be blown
I'll finally see them all 0 in the form of a soul
I'm sick of all the fighting for everything to go right
Cause now I'm just sitting by myself, ready to take my own life
It's time for me to spread my wings, it's time to take flight
Time to take my final bow, and wish you all a good night
Just know I made it home, I love you all and I'ma be alright...

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he killed himself lol

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