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Music :3

What is your opinion on music? How often do you listen to music? I listen to music really often! I listen to music when I sleep, draw, eat or do things for school. My favorite bands are probably Tokio Hotel, My Chemical Romance, Cinema Bizarre & Black Veil Brides. I like Jeffree Star and Mayhem too! My favorite song now is probably... Jung Und Nicht Mehr Jugendfrei by Tokio Hotel :) But i don't like lil peep so much :c I don't understand people who think Lil Peep is emo music ach. I Don't like czsk rap too :+. But I understand that someone likes it and I respect it. There is nothing wrong with that <3 Do you play on a musical instrument? Unfortunately, I don't play anything, but I would like to start playing the electric guitar! What is your favorite guitarist? My favorite guitarist is probably Jake Pitts(Black Veil Brides) and Tom Kaulitz(Tokio Hotel) ! I love them so much! <33 So you can write me in the comments, what is your opinion on music, what is your favorite music genre, what is your favorite band and etc... I'm really interested!

Have a good day! 
                    ~ Katie B. Kaulitz

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