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hey hi hola hello

Whats up dudesszzzz. its the one and only 3y3L0v3. Don't get it twisted. It is not 3-y-3
It's pronounced EYE-LOVE. Just wanted to put that out into the world. hope everyone is having a luvly Friday night. I have decided that I will only exist here from now on. Much love and sexual energy to all. P3niz. 666. 69. 420. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox 

how are you doing. what is going on. what is this. what am i? 

Are we just sim characters? The other day I was sitting outside people watching outside of the DMV. This guy walks out of the building and starts making a sounds. Maybe it was laughter? And mumbles? I'm not sure. But it made me think... Wow. This guy IS a real life sims character. 
WOW... I am a real life sims character. Or are sims characters modeled after real life humans, and we are more than that? What. Could it be? But that would make us soul-less and I don't think we are. Idk, 420 blaze it bruh..... ya kno the vibes. 
I believe, we are complex beings of condensed energy at multidimensional vibrations, man. that's fucking wild. 
It's beautiful.
It's confusing, yet living in the mysterious void is ethereal. Electric. To feel. 

I am only posting my rambling thoughts here. If you have read this far along. ily. okay.


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