Watched That MLP Next Gen Movie Yesterday

As a fan of the series since MLP:FiM season 1 dropped on Netflix, it was an amaaaazing time1! My laughter would not cease at all the jokes. So much so my mother complained. Lol. All the nods to the previous generation made me squeal.

I can't wait to see what's next. [SPOILERS] Especially after that after-credits scene. Are those three going to be the new main ponies in the next series?! I'm so curious. And will the MC of the movie—forgot her name—be the new Princess Celestia since she's a alicorn? Or maybe there'll be a sequel exploring the transition from having close-minded ideologies of the other two races of ponies to living in harmony and the struggle of that. umuuuu I'm-so-excited!!11!!1 [END OF SPOILERS]

Please tell me your opinions of the movie or the future of MLP in general in the replies. I wanna hear more from fellow bronies. 

(Now thinking about it, I should update my TV interests to include MLP. Lol.)

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