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Just got back from the hospital. I started feeling a weird pain in my lower right abdomen yesterday at 1pm and I went to Convenient Care to make sure that my appendix wasn't going to unalive itself. I got in there, Doc asked me a few questions and we determined that there was something wrong in the appendix, lower abdomen area. I got to pee in a cup, that was kinda fun. I had to get an IV which was great because my veins were too tiny and they had to stab me three times :). Then I had to drink two large cups of lemonade with medicine in it and wait an hour for it to get in my stomach. Apparently it was so my stomach area could be easier to see by the doctors. So I basically drank a highlighter and I've always wanted to be glow-in-the-dark so I got to do that. I listened to some music to pass the time and, when the wifi wasn't trash, I rewatched The Big Flower Fight on Netflix. I wanted to watch The Greatest British Bake-Off but I was suuuuuuper hungry and I didn't need any help thinking about food. I finish the lemonades then this dude with a sort of mullet situation going on comes in with a wheelchair and said that he was gonna bring me to the CT scan. I was like "okay" and we were off. We went into the ER and it was way different than Convenient Care. I'd never been in the ER before and it was crowded and every few lights were out. There were beds in the hallways, some that were empty and others that weren't. I looked through a couple of rooms and saw a really old lady who looked like she was gonna knock-knock-knock on heaven's door any day now. But I got to the CT room and I was confronted with the space doughnut. I thought it'd be way more stressful but it was't. I was moved in and out of it, it told me when to breath and when not to breathe. Before I knew it, it was over and I was wheeled back to my room. They told me that I had to wait about half an hour before I got my results. I slept for most of that half hour because I got, like, four hours of sleep the night before. They came back in with my results. I don't have appendicitis or cancer!! I had an issue in my small intestine that might be from gas or from it not moving. I was told to eat bland food and get this medicine for nausea. I got a turkey and cheese sandwich from Jimmy John's and scarfed it down in minutes. I think I was too hungry or in too much pain to feel the indigestion. I went home and fell asleep at 10. I'm writing this the morning after and I'm feeling comparatively better. Hopefully this clears up in a couple days. I'll try to keep you posted.

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Aiden >:3

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lol i had appendicitis once and they made me drink the highlighter. but mine wasnt lemonade and was just more like some kinda liquid coom. tasted terrible. did they catscan you after then? thts wht they did 4 me n i puked up tht stuff all over the dude who was catscanning me. i was gone on morphine though.

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yep! I guess I wasn't too nauseous. Sucks that you puked on that CAT scan guy tho :/

by Crickey; ; Report

he was nice abt it. we r cool now. we play videogames together now.

by Aiden >:3; ; Report