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My background in music.

I started playing guitar at about 11 years old, and was mostly self taught. I took 6 lessons at someone's house, they taught me how to play by ear, and it's been incredibly valuable over the years. I put out my first attempt at an album at 16. It was recorded by overdubbing cassettes, and was essentially the beginning of what I do now. A rap / rock hybrid that incorporates influence from a myriad of genres. I've been in a handful of bands, but have mostly made music by myself. I started using Linux Multimedia Studio to make beats about 7 years ago due to a computer crash. I didn't have money at the time to get a new computer, so a friend installed Linux on a REALLY old, messed up computer I started calling "Frankencomp". I grew to like the program, and still use it alongside Reaper, and a handful of plugins to create what finally sounds really good after all these years of trying to record, mix, and master my own music. I'm starting my own record label later this year, and might even get back into organizing shows once that becomes feasible again.

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