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omfg i just did so many things tonight xD. As I’m typing it’s currently 5:12 am, I watched so many pierce the veil concerts *_* and went down a rabbit hole of 2017, it’s so crazy how much i changed but like stayed the same for the most part too! AAAA i listened to homesick by a day to remember (the album) for like FOREVER OVER AND OVER OMG (especially i’m made of wax larry, what are you made of?) “DON’T BLIIINK THEY WON’T EVEN MISS YOU AT ALLL” IS SO STUCK IN MY HEAD UGH XD, *ahem* EVERYBODYSSS OUT TO GET MEEEEEE jkjk, anyways i dread later because i’m moving saturday and i hate moving it’s so much work, n it’s sooooo stressful:( i have a feeling it’s gonna be a bad day.... Blehhhhhh well, until then, ~171xx7 xø (nixxy xo)

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