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On My Comfort Movie: Pixar's Luca (basically the summary of the movie, spoilers)

I've always wanted a space where I could absolutely gush about the things I enjoy without unnecessarily annoying anyone, and this seems to be the perfect place for it, how tubular (I'm also trying out a new blogging layout, please tell me if it's too difficult to see or any other problems if there are any) The 1st time I heard about Luca and saw the promo poster (the one with them jumping from the cliff, I absolutely love the specific art style they chose for that too, really brings out the premise of just goofin' around as kid) I already knew it was gonna be an enjoyable movie, plus it was Pixar so the bar was already set to have a good movie (haven't been wrong once as far as I know)But from the moment I started watching the movie (and which continued when I saw the spin-off of Ciao Albero), It honestly caught me off guard with how much the movie tugged at my very soul! In a lot of ways, I really related to Luca and his desire to explore the outside world and come out of the bubble (hehe punny 😏) that was the influence of his protective mother and surrounding neighborhood, and how his desire was just a wistful thing, something he didn't think he'd accomplish, both because of his parents and his own aprehension of the unknown.Luckily (and the one thing I couldn't relate to), he would meet friends that would force him out of his comfort zone, literally showing him a Whole New World! No matter how much he was showing aprehension about his new surroundings, the first friend he met, Alberto, didn't give up on him; He was also in need of someone to be by his side, and he wasn't going to let this one know that people didn't want to be around him, not even his own father (It's relating to Alberto time ! haha 😭). Their shared desire to have someone they could confide to about their hopes and dreams were the glue that sticked them together, and that glue solidified into a Vespa that they would run off into the sunset together (sidenote: the creator literally said that on Twitter and lemme tell u that gave me such light in my heart I swear I love this movie to bits).

Although I don't exactly relate to this part, it still affected me like I was in Luca's place; Where he was threatened to spend some time in the Deep, far from the surface world, and farther from the only person who truly believed in him and made him a better person every day that they spend together. Honestly, Luca resolving to defy his parents for Alberto and their dream was such a turning point in my heart (and it was also forshadowing I just realized oooh).Alberto's new dad, Massimo, and they start to truly feel at home in this land monster world as they prepare for the Portorosso cup, serving double as a family bonding montage, truly a wonderful thing. Some time later, Alberto gets jealous of Giulia hanging with Luca all the time (abandonment issues? never heard of them haha 😭) which reaches its peak when Giulia and Luca plan to go to Genova to get a #education. Alberto decides to out them as sea monsters, but only he actually does the transformation, and Luca actually hammers in the final act of outing Alberto (definitely not an allusion to something else that can be rather easily hidden about someone, no siree 👀) (another thing that I can kinda relate to, we love it here 😭), and leads to Alberto falling into a spiral of despair and new wounds for his abandoment trauma, which Luca later intends to fix by winning the race.In the climax of the race, Alberto defies his trauma for a moment for Luca (ooooo parallel forshadowing comes to fruition, absolutely amazing peak cinema) and their dream. and later win the race with Giulia, Massimo and everyone else in town embracing them as their true selves.In the ending part of the movie, Luca (in addition to his og family) and (especially) Alberto find a new place to call home in Guilia and Massimo. Luca still wants to pursue his dream of studying with Giulia at Genova, and Alberto sacrifices his dream of the Vespa for Luca so he could be happy (MY HEART).That tearful goodbye and the movie as a whole sort of gave me a peek what my life could've been like if I wasn't as aprehensive about everything and let the adults I know control my life to such an unhealthy degree (but did that change to this day? no, but here's lookin' towards for the future-). 

It also really drove home something I didn't know I was missing in my life, especially as a young kid. I needed (or deserved? ooo idk what the difference is for here rn but i'll fuck around and see) an Alberto for my Luca.This post was supposed to be a bit more personal but it lowkey became a review wefjfkl; Ig I'll make a few more blog posts surrounding Luca and how it affected me, and others that talk more about specific relationships in the movie, like Luca and Alberto, Luca and Giulia, Giulia and Albero, Alberto and Massimo, and maybe more idk; But that's all I got for now, if u made it this far in my ramblings, ur poggers and tubular ! 😎

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