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[FIRST BLOG!!1!] Anybody Know More About This EP?

So awhile ago, I downloaded a couple .MP3s one sleepless night and now I'm curious where the heck did I get these and are there any more?

There's a music artist called The Tremulance, and so far I am tooootally entranced with their music. From looking up online, it looks like they logged some of their stuff on YouTube, Vimeo, Bandcamp, and Spotify. But so far I haven't heard a single thing about this MP3 I found by them; specifically the EP linked to it. 
The five MP3 files I got are all named with numbers with the titles in the file info. My favorite one is 866! I would like to know

866.mp3 info:

  • Title: Góða Nótt
  • Duration: 04:08
  • Authors: The Tremulance
  • Album: Open Your Eyes (the Myspace EP)
  • Year Recorded: 2005
Anybody recognize it? I would link the website where I found it on (it's legal iirc) but I forgot it. If anybody wants to listen to the MP3 then let me know!!

And of course also let me know if you know more about the source. I want to learn more about The Tremulance's works and such.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

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