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My day?

Okay so I thought that occasionally I would write down how my day was here instead of my tiktok account. TONIGHT WAS OUR OPENING NIGHT FOR OUR CINDERALA MUSICAL. We've been working on it for a year, (since January 2020) and it kept getting delayed bc of covid. We told all the new kids about the people who died in the dressing room. (A janiter who accidently fell down the stairs to the dressing room, it's in the basement, and died. Then a theater teacher after a show saw a candal burning in the room, when she went to put it out she ALSO fell down the stairs and was found dead after the weekend.) We say that they bring us goodluck. Before every show we do a ritual of crossing our right arm over our left, in a circle holding everybody's hands and jumping up saying "break a leg!" Anyways ON STAGE I was not nervous at all (which was super surprising bc I'm diagnosed with social anxiety and have been out of meds for 2 weeks) I was infact calming other people down. Then right before the curtain was about to open a first year asked me, "so what made u decide to be trans?" Idk dude?? Then later in the dressing room I met a 2nd year and they're like "ur not a snitch right?" And I was like "nah dude" and they pulled out a puff bar (I asked if it was a juul and they had to explain the difference between a puff and juul to me bc I'm dumb and only smoke cigs LMAO) and they asked if I wanted to hit and I was like "sure but idk how" 😭😭 IT WAS MY FIRST TIME DOING THAT AHJAKA then we talked about how I've stolen a ton of trump signs and how I was about to bring vodka to the play. And now we're besties lmao. BUT IN SCHOOL I had my phone in my backpack and I threw it against the bleachers in the gym AND IT SHATTERED BEYOND REPAIR I'm currently cutting my fingers typing this. Its only a $30 phone from Walmart tho so it's fine. My mom may buy me another one tomorrow. AND we had to watch a video about a girl who drank too much and died then answered a survey about what drugs you've done 😃 (apparently it couldn't be tracked and there was "nO wAy To KnOw WhOs WaS wHoS" but idk bow true that was) we also didn't get to take our break in math class bc a kid refused to write stuff down and everyone was pissed. Now I'm trying to play sex on fire on my bass lol. Okay that's all for now I think? ILL UPDATE IF ANYTHING FUN HAPPENS TOMORROW :D

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