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A moment to breathe.

I can’t remember if I practiced guitar but it’s out so I must’ve at some point. My head has lessened greatly but I’m still stressed so it’s still tapping at the walls of my skull. I still feel like something is missing. I need more body mods and I need to keep shifting my body type. I need to stay awake.

I shaved the sides of my head, it’s dyed magenta on the sides; one side has lines shaved in and the other has waves, somewhat geometric. My roots weren’t bleached but are dark enough that dying them a colour would leave a shine so that’s purple. My bangs are turquoise and the rest of my hair has an electric blue tinge to it. It feels so much lighter and better. I feel like I belong in Cyberpunk 2077. 

I’m playing it again. I’m not rushing and struggling; I’m taking my sweet time. All the quests and sights! I came, I saw, I blew shit up, I came again! It’s refreshing feeling awake. I’m going to the store soon as I need to collect supplies. I need to purchase some graphic pens, new sketch book and need to look for some flexible shiny paper. Something easy to press over my face. Maybe there’ll be stickers of some sort? I have to try. Ah, may the buzz and excitement never leave me. 

I want to write some fanfics. Plan out some stuff. I got a good idea of what I’m gonna do too. There’s a year long challenge and I’m definitely putting down a Cyberpunk theme. Maybe I’ll just do a fanfic entirely. It works either way. 

I’m not ready to sleep; I love being awake. 

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