A poem i wrote for my deceased mom. rip 11/17/21

Dear mom,

So much has happened
Since you went away.
Your wings were ready, 
And so, you couldn't stay.
I sit and reflect about all the good,
The bad doesn't even matter.
I wish you could come back
And the fact you're not 
Makes my heart shatter.
I'm so full of sadness,
And so full of sorrow...
I try to hope I'll have a better tomorrow.
But a huge part of me is gone.
That huge part of me is you,
I don't even know what to do.
You taught me a lot of things, 
You never taught me how to live without you.
When I got the news that you had passed away, 
In my heart you'll always stay.
I wish things were different,
I wish I could turn back time to better days
Before you up and went away..
I wish I could I could call your phone,
And you would answer.
I wish I could see your face one last time.
There's so much that I wish...
 I wish it didn't end like this. 

 I love you mom.  Forever. 

This is a poem I wrote about my mom today.

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