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Xenosaga - Animated Series - English

(the video is now unavailable. isn't that shame?)

All I have are the cutscenes from the PS2 games. If you're interested check em out:

episode 1  - Watch it sped up. It's pretty slow going.

episode 2 - good luck getting through the beginning scenes. The voice actors are the most boring characters explaining stuff that is sure to go over your head because these two have zero personality. The 1st swordfight with Jin and Margulus(sp?) will bring your attention back - you'll get mad again at some of the voice acting. The replaced KOSMOS's voice and it's terrible. Good luck I said.

episode 3 - The only game in the series worth your time actually playing. It's a great game. Too bad they really cheeped out on the animation/talking (you'll see) but it's still really great. All the original voice actors are back and they are do a fantastic job. They finally got the graphics fine tuned and no one looks weird. They look good!

I'd love to see a new anime made around this story.
On the level at least with the Castlevania anime series on Netflix. 


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