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Blogging updates on life as of dec 2021

Well being single sucks…give someone the world only to be treated like crap. Least i stood up for myself…

This year has been one of the roughest. I lost over 10+ people and not even due to covid. It does weigh on you alot after the 6th or 7th death. Bit i wrote a song about it….

All My Friends Are Dead

Ive lost so many ive given so much,

Just to watch you all disappear

Like ghosts in the light,

Some were there and made it alright,

Some were there and made it seem bright,

But now im sitting and crossing off names,

Cause all my friends are dead.

The ending was never written

And i forgot how to write,

Sitting in my room thinking everything is alright,

But the body count keeps going up,

The faces i recognize haunt my dreams,

Ghosts in the light, 

Take my hands and tell me everything will be alright,

Ghosts in the light,

I cant write,

All my friends are dead…

All my friends are dead…

Yet im still…..HERE

And i sit here at night,

Wondering who to call,

But nobody answers,

Nobody hears my screams,

Im a mute yelling at the deaf but their all dead,

I miss my friends and fuck, 

I miss you…

I miss you…

I miss you…

I miss you…

I miss you…

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