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update entry 8!!

date: dec. 8, 2021

time: 2:42 pm (CST)

im super excited for xmas!! im catching up on extra schoolwork rn, finishing up math for the year and all that jazz. im literally crying theres so much work left.. jmania, signing off!!

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-I don't know how you would feel when someone tells you that you're not allowed to be in a car, or a robot.

I'm not saying that I would never use a computer. But if you're like, I would never have used an iPhone, or a computer.

If you want something to go on in your brain that is actually going to work, or that is actually going to help you, you should have a robot. And if you don't have a computer then it probably won't work at all, because the brain is just a computer, which means that you're just a person with a brain and that's all that matters, right?! So if your brain doesn't have a computer, then you have a problem, right?? I don't care if I have the right to have it or I don't have it, because it's just that simple! I mean, you can do what you want in your mind, but if it doesn't work, then that means you're in an impossible position.

So, if your computer isn't a robot, you can always just have a human, because you don't have the right brain and the right brain is a robot.

If it's not a human then that means that it's an artificial being. It just has a different brain, and a human brain. It just has a different body, but you have to use it for the right things and that doesn't happen.

And, you don't need an external brain to be in a human body! You can do it with a human body, but you don't need an internal one, so it can't be in the body of another. It's a robot body that is not a robot body! It can be inside another body, and it can't be outside another body, because it has the brain. It has no external brains. It can't be inside another human body!

So, if it's not a robot then I don't think there's anything I would say that

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