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12/6 Photo Blog (Cool Pics at a New Park)

Life has been pretty hectic ever since my visit to see my parents. Business has been picking up at my barista job with the holidays bringing people in to the mall I work at, and it's been hard to balance time with friends and the things I love doing. I thankfully had a day off recently, and I thought that it would be cool to visit a park that I've never visited before. It's called the Lufaise regional park, and it's a very enjoyable place to visit.

It's a pretty big park, and for sure I would have gotten lost if I didn't carry around a map of the area with me.

I'm guessing weekdays are pretty sparse when it comes to visitors, I only saw a handful of people roaming around. Seeing people walk around in pairs did remind me a little of my loneliness, it was nice walking around the park but I do wish I had someone to share the experience with.

I was also a little surprised with how much freedom they give you to walk around here, there's not really a lot stopping you from going wherever you'd like, which seems a little questionable but I'm not raising any complaints. 

I also didn't see anything that stopped me from climbing up this lookout tower, I got to see a cool view of the park and I thought it would be cool to take a photo of myself up here. 

The last thing I wanted to do before heading home was walk across the wooden bridge, it seemed a little dangerous looking at it from far away but after seeing some people walk around on it I decided to give it a stroll myself.

I was kinda right, it's definitely not safe and I wouldn't take someone like Alphin across the bridge here. But I can't help but admit how cool the views from up here were. I did fear for my life a little when  I felt the wood crick under my feet in the middle of the bridge, but I was happy to have had that experience anyways.

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