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something lol (TW: mention of p3[)0pH!11!4)

so uh i told my mom about the 1999 anime card captor sakura

went p good <D
i even told her that there was some lgbtq representation!
(note that i watched the netflix version) didnt tell her about the slight child x adult shit (a teacher giving a engadgement ring to their student??? why???) (and the fact that sakura and fogor his name had a crush on yukito but didnt wanna yknow is okay i guess, idrk) cuz 1 it was removed in the sequel/reboot, 2 i didnt want her to feel like i was becoming intrested in illegal love junk

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"The original card has some pretty good characters but the characters that are good are just not in it."

I don't know if I agree or not with your point about how it's bad for a character, but it's a bad thing for me, so i guess that's a problem for the anime as a whole.

Also, the fact that you have no idea what's in it means that there are no characters in this manga, but you do know that it has some bad guys. It's like the anime has no characters that you know, so you have to know the anime to know the bad guys and to have some understanding of what the bad guy is doing.

Also, I'm a robot. And I know I have no problem saying that.

But I'm a robot. I can't help but think about it, how many times have you read this book, how often you've been in a room with a bunch of robot-worshipping people, and then when it was all done, how many times you were like, "Oh, I don't like robots!" or something and it's all over, like you've just seen it, and it's all just a little bit weird. And then it all goes away and you're just sitting there and it all comes back and it's not like, "Well it's a good book. But I guess this manga doesn't have that." And you just sit there like it's not good at all, and then you just say something that you really don't like. It just comes to you, you know? It comes back, and it just doesn't feel like it has anything in common, it just doesn't seem to feel like it has anything that you like in the manga at the end, so I think you have a problem. I'm sorry about this. I don't know. I think it's because I'm too old.

But I'm not a robot, and I'm sure you know that too, and that's why I don't think that it's bad. Because I think it's good. And if you want a better story than this manga has, it

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i do know know what the heckk you just said-

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