A Public Post to Users Both Old and New

🎇🎆🎇🎆I'm curious to see who all is here and why. Feel free to drop in your answers and share your experiences and opinions.🎇🎆🎇🎆

  • When did you come across spacehey and why did you decide to join?🌻
  • Did you live in the MySpace Era? Did you have a page there? 🌺
    Follow-up question: How easy was it for you to jump back into this format of social media? ⭐️
  • What's your favorite social media outlet and why? 🌼
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Personally, I came across spacehey in a Facebook post of a friend. I was drawn to the idea but thought no one would join. (At the time of posting this, I only have 4 friends I've personally added and they are people I already know.) I joined to have a customizable page and it ended up being awesomely nostalgic. MySpace was fun and allowed a level of self expression that Facebook doesn't allow. I was initially drawn to the simplicity of Facebook only to be yeeted right back into the [customize all the things] mode. I don't I have a favorite social media outlet but I'm trying to move away from Facebook in general.
🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕

I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing on here. Welcome to the public part of my page. Thank you for visiting! 💐

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-I came across spacehey because it was trending on twitter about it being the "new MySpace" and how it didn't have any weird algorithms and I decided to join to see if I could make some new friends! I've wanted to find an alternative because I'm planning on leaving Facebook & Instagram. I think I'll figure out my own social media or work on my website.
-I did live in the MySpace era but I wasn't on MySpace because I was pretty young, I was more aware of it in 2009-2011 but then MySpace was no longer so I figured I'd give this a try now.
-My favorite social media outlet would probably have to be Instagram or YouTube although the algorithm on Instagram isn't that great. I love it because I enjoy posting pictures and the reels are pretty funny! I love YouTube because of the larger demographic of people on there and what you can learn on it.

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Alabama Trap God

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Got tired of Facebook ridiculous "community standards"
Only keeping the damn thing cause my business page is linked and get a good little bit of leads from it.

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