Dear Future Me, (*and others reading, I suppose)

I'm just starting this whole SpaceHey thing but we both know it's MySpace Rebooted. Of course, the creator isn't affiliated with MySpace. But that's what this is. A call-back to a time where, realistically, I had very little control over life. What did I get to control, though? How the internet saw me. For a brief time, I had expression in the form of a personalized profile (including a song that auto-played and you couldn't pause, which I think I will refrain from implementing these days), complete with flashy, glittery graphics.

I have C O M P L E T E L Y forgotten how to do all of this.


How in the HECK did all that info just... disappear? I mean, I suppose a ton of memories just kind of faded a bit as I didn't need them. But seriously. I was so distraught when I opened SpaceHey for the first time and blanked. This is some kind of mad-scientist type metaphorical bike I am hopping back on at odd hours of the day. It's a massive return from a much simpler social media network, Meta, mostly known as Facebook. I left MySpace for Facebook, looking forward to the simplicity (and I also watched as MySpace emptied of active friends when they made the switch).

This is going to take some getting used to. It's been around a year so far. I'm looking forward to seeing if and how this site grows.

As for blogging? It's basically my first time. I have a ton to talk about and I feel like this is the place I'd like to dedicate as the Void. Maybe it screams back?

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