update entry 7!

date: dec. 2, 2021.

time: 1:25 PM (CST) 

yo! i haven´t put in an entry in like three days..just been trying to catch up on schoolwork and things, trying to get my grades up before winter break! i can´t decide whether or not im going back to seated school in January or not. Probably not, because that´s eight more months where my family can catch up enough on money to get me the stuff i need for school. and more time for my before school teenager glow up to kick in- i need to re-dye my hair black, get new clothes, get supplies for school, get a backpack, and make all my acne go away- in eight months. i hate my life. my mom got two new jobs, so now she works three. two restaurants and she also works on houses. so, we aren´t rich but my mom makes hella bank. will report again either later or tomorrow! BYEEEE!<3

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