But seriously, how are you doing?

Real talk?

Yes please

I have accidentally fallen completely in love with someone I'll never get the chance to be close with and it's eating me alive. But also fueling me like crazy to be this insane responsible content and personality machine. It feels like NOS to the engine of my soul but I'm burning so hot right now that I can't stop. I know I'm going to seize up but. I want to escape gravity with this feeling.

What has you so hooked? Why this human, why now?

He's... Candid. Creative. Talented as fuck. He hates himself in all the ways that I have. He's... Stunning. God he's stunning. He's so capable and his efforts have been so diminished. I would fight god to see him attain even his smallest goals. His style. His mannerisms. The way he talks, and the life he's lived. He sings like sweeping strings and floats like something celestial. Every day he pauses me. He's bigger than the whole sky but he's right at my fingertips. Every little thing I learn about him feels just... cosmic. Like I'm caught right before a free fall. He's unfathomable.

I'm a total goner.



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