I Wish 1969 Changed Everything

I'm a 90s kid. Growing up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, I was interested in science, specifically computers. I wanted to play a role, a cog on the wheel of scientific innovation. NASA putting men and rovers in space really interested me. My dream job would have been to work in mission control during the moon landings.

For reasons I cannot explain, I got pulled into the business world in high school and college. I majored in computer science but minored in finance. I watched Mad Money with Jim Cramer. I began to see software as a business tool, not a scientific tool.

Now in my 30s, I regret losing that scientific spark I had as a kid. Maybe it's because I have kids now and want them to have that same spark. I want them to look up at the stars, to ask questions, to read Tom Swift.

I wish the moon landing in 1969 created a world where people valued research over profit. I wish NASA landing a rover on an astroid was the top headline instead of Trump tweeting something. I wish dinner conversations where over new breakthroughs in material science, long distance communication, living longer, and geology on different worlds. I wish I had friends who were experts in all of these areas I could converse with. I wish there was a universally accepting principle that the goal of humanity was to keep advancing.

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I too pine for a Enterprising future,

Science, Math, Bitotech, Learning computers.

I still believe the humans will explore the universe,

But I'm sad it'll be centuries after the 21st.

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Absolutely agree, it's a travesty that the scientifc way of thinking is becoming less and less common in society.

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you and me both friend. i wanted to be a planetary geologist as a child, but school squashed all the love of stem out of me. i try to use my art to help other people feel the way i used to. its something i guess.

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