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Tell me a story...

I absolutely love reading about people.  I love getting to know strangers via their written words.  If you have anything you'd like to say, I'd love to hear it.  Life events, funny anecdotes, twisted tales anything to satiate the eyeballs, fact or fiction!  I don't mean for this to sound creepy, but more of a fun experiment to get to know strangers while not being able to mingle amongst the masses currently. I don't much fancy myself a wordsmith, so please don't be shy or worried about your flair for the dramatic or your perfected grammar just leave it all on the "page!"

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I think I’ll tell you 2.

I was walking to my car from my apartment one morning and I happen upon this stray yellow lab with a collar but no tags further down the sidewalk, maybe 50 yards down. I came upon him and he stares straight into my eyes, lays on his side and exposes his belly to me. I let him smell my hand then I rubbed his belly, telling him “it’s okay” then I knelt right next to him. Sticking by his side for 15 minutes I asked every person in my complex if they ever saw this dog before. Nobody did. My friend Lori who lives in a couple buildings away, comes walking by and asks if I need a leash for my new little buddy that’s glued to my side and she also has a Great Dane mix (she’s clearly a dog lover) named Quincy. She tells me she’s never seen the dog before. I nervously end up taking the Lab into my apartment because I had 3 cats at the time and didn’t know how they’d take to each other. It worked out perfectly! The Lab loved them. The cats were indifferent yet tolerant. I was excited! I had wanted a dog for soo long, and never thought my space was big enough. I fell in love with him, he was well behaved and listened. I got him some dog food from Lori and decided to take him to a place called the Sparks Marina. He was such a good dog, I knew deep down something was wrong. I continued to ask more neighbors if anyone was missing their dog. Days went by until my downstairs neighbor tells me there was a story on the news about a couple who had had their F-350 with a camper, stolen from a parking lot at the Atlantis casino with $20,000 dollars worth of valuables and 2 dogs in the back. The owners wanted their dogs back more than the goods or the new truck. I tracked the owners phone down. They had stayed in Reno for the night as they had headed to Idaho from California. They had sorrowfully cut their losses after receiving the news that one of their dogs had wandered on the freeway and been killed. The other dog wandered 2 miles to my complex. I called them. They left Idaho that night at 3am to come get their dog, Tuff. Finally I called him by his right name! Lol. Tuff’s parents picked him up later that day. Everybody was ecstatic and crying for joy.
Every year they would send me updates and pictures in the mail. Even they’re grandchildren would send me hand made drawings of Tuff, a token of their appreciation. 💗

The other story is short and embarrassing.

I had a big crush on a Freshman while I was a Junior in highschool. I played basketball and she played too, on the team. We were standing there one day, talking together in the gymnasium during PE. Now I really really liked this girl. I may have actually been in love with her. So... we’re talking. Her friends (they’re all ridiculously good looking) were standing 10 feet behind us, then here comes my so called chum Andrew, right behind me, grabs my basketball shorts and pantses me. 😳 But he didn’t just pull my shorts down, he had ahold of my boxers. There it went... all I hear in my head is the Tom Petty song, “Free Falling.”

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Oh My Goddess!!! first of all.. Thanks for your stories!!!! The first story I swear was going to be a horror story, I have no idea why, but I was on the edge of my seat!! I am in adoration of how much effort you put into finding the home for the dog! When I was 10(late 90's) my brother was at a gas station with my dog in his car and my dog, Cujo, jumped out and ran away. The gas station was on the highway, and of course, I assumed the worst! My parents put fliers everywhere, notes in every mailbox within 5 miles and nothing, so after about a week they decide to run a newspaper ad (thank science!!), and eventually a woman called us. She claimed that her friend had recently found a dog matching the description and had this ad brought to her attention, but she had no interest in reaching out to us or anything. She liked my dog too much to let him go. Luckily this other woman could not bear to do that to a child so she gave us the dog nappers address. We went to her home and within seconds Cujo came bounding up to me so happy. She was pissed and tried to buy my dog for like $50!! Thankfully he came home with me!!

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