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What is going on?

Asking myself that. I feel awake and the last few months are a blur. Fuzzy TV screen. Can’t remember when my phone broke but it’s broken. Got another year maybe two before it calls it quits for good. No pictures, no new items, etc. I wonder if I can still get my hair done this week. I don’t usually have my hair this long as it’s heavy. It’s soft and smooth like my Nana’s but the heaviness and thickness comes from the white side of the family. 

There’s a selfie I was looking at for a bit. I’m wearing a baggy hoodie but by my wrist it’s easy to tell I was somewhat thin when it was taken. Apparently sometime in September. I have guns now, a few abs but I don’t remember many training sessions or when they got big. One selfie makes me miss my scaffolding. It rejected recently and fell out of one side. I have a dented scar in my ear now so you know what that means; I’m gonna tell the most ridiculously stories on how I got that scar. 

One thing too my mum seems to imply I’ll be Jamie. I guess it’s ok, I don’t feel much about the name but it’s odd. Maybe I’ll be saying goodbye to my old name soon. 

This feels good. Typing. Maybe only one or two people read these but eh, I don’t really mind. It’ll be seen at one point or another. It’s a very simple way to get relief because in the back of your mind you’ll know someone’s at least glanced at it, right? 

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jake <3

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i dont know how i came apon this and its random but my deadnames jamie and it scared the shit out of me for a moment

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