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Anyone else hate buzzing their hair?

I hate buzzing because I hate getting hair all over me so I take all my clothes off and get on the floor on my hands and knees like a dog to do it but I still get hair all over myself and I hate it.

I drew a picture to show what I mean. Anyone else?

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Haha yes I did a while back best thing ever hair grew back amazing.

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While I don't shave my head, I do cut my own hair and I hate how itchy everything is afterwards. I always have to shower and change clothes, and it's really more commitment than I wanted

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I love the satisfaction of watching it come off, but hate that the little hairs get everywhere. I HAVE to shower afterwards, and even then I feel like I can’t escape the tiny hairs >

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Yup I normally shower after. I hate trying to get behind my ears and normally miss a spot.

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Hiraeth Bokyo 望郷

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heres a tip from a hairdresser, get a bin bag and cut a hole for your head and wear it like a poncho! this is what im doing on my family atm during our lockdown haircuts :')

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This is brilliant and I’m mad I haven’t heard this tip before

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LOLOL its definitely fuckin messy. i usually wrap a towel around myself n then sweep the floor. there will always be lil hairs everywhere tho

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Thanks for all the feedback guys. I KNEW I wasn't the only one suffering through this hell.

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Used to do this to try out the buzzcut look, now letting my hair grow longer again. Was really shocked back then how much time and effort it takes to buzz all your hair away.

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This is Fuking hilarious because I understand the struggle!!

Here's my pro tip: Buy the Manscape clippers with guards (water proof) and a shower mirror and buzz in the shower!
Booooom! (fireworks)

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I don't buzz my hair but your drawing makes me understand your situation ;)

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I see an ungrounded outlet, reported to city inspectors ;)

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Same with facial hair, that's why I try to do it as rarely as possible, and even then I stand in the bathtub, and have a full shower right afterwards, lol.

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