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 Ominous Cloud 

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 51.13 Topic: I’ll Have Just One

Title choice:   Christopher and Picture choice: Doris

Hard Bonus (2 points): Reference a Sesame Street Character - Hoots the Owl

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention a Cooking Disaster - charred doves

Secret word/phrase guesses: 1. Cloud nine. 2. Field of dreams 3. Stairway to the clouds 4. Stairway to your dreams 5. Pink cloud 6. Purple heather 7. Ominous cloud 8. Baby come out of the clouds 9. Jacobs ladder  10.La La Land 

An  Ominous cloud hangs over my Field of dreams

Jacob's ladder won’t reach the Pink cloud of worries

“A  Stairway to the clouds is the Stairway to your dreams

Dreams even the sandman can’t blow away,”  Hoots the Owl

It’s La La Land on that  Cloud nine

Perhaps a prince will call, “Baby come out of the clouds

Weave a magic braid of  Purple heather to let out Pandora’s curses.

Charred doves over done on Zeus’s grill 

 I’ll Have Just One wish to show mankind the folly of their ways

Fire  to burn and cleanse 

And pray the price of fire is not too high for the trail of death in those ashes 

For all of earth wears a mask of dread and anxiety fighting this curse. 

Wanting to put it back in the cloud

To sail away into a universal black hole

(clarice) 02/27/2021

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