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People, who lie :(

I will never understand, why people have to lie to others to make it look like they have a more interesting life, then they actually have. And then when others find out the truth, they start cursing at you, instead of admitting that they lied. I am sorry that there are people among us who do not respect themselves. Stop lying, people will like you more than before. Honestly, I don't understand what makes you lie to others, but especially to yourself. Whether you're lying about small things or big things, don't do it. Lying is like a cobweb, you always get entangled in it. People, who lie are not good people. And to be vicious to myself, sometimes I lied too. But in the end I confessed everything and apologized to everyone. So far, I regret being forced to lie. Please never lie to others. Be honest with yourself and others.

- Katie B. KaulitzĀ  xXx

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