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Add a moving / scroll / bouncing / marquee text effect to your Spacehey profile!

A little cool trick I've found somewhere when I was learning about HTML scripting. thank you faenass for helping me remember something like this i love you 

By using this trick, you can get a scrolling or moving text effect anywhere in your profile or even in the Comments.

Here are the codes (copy & paste this anywhere in your profile):

Right to Left scroll:

<marquee>This text will scroll from right to left</marquee>

Bottom to Top scroll:

<marquee direction="up">This text will scroll from bottom to top</marquee>

Top to Bottom scroll:

<marquee direction="down">This text will scroll from bottom to top</marquee>

Bouncing text:

<marquee direction="down" width="250" height="200" behavior="alternate" style="border:solid"> <marquee behavior="alternate"> This text will bounce </marquee> </marquee>

(Use any H&W according to your preference)

Note: Putting this at the very last section of your About me or wherever you wanna put this effect is recommended! 
Hey my name is John!
Thanks for visiting my profile.
-- > Last section : <marquee>Epic</marquee>
(It'll mess up your previous made texts)
To be able to use this in any part of text sections of your profile, add </marquee></marquee></marquee> at the end of it.

Hey my name is John! 
Thanks for visiting my profile.
I'm Energetic, like always
December is here! Happy holidays!

If you wanna see how the effect looks, go through my profile and check the about me section.

Enjoy! If this was helpful please add me or comment at this blog!

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cloudy =^_^=

cloudy =^_^='s profile picture

ok if this works, i’ll be so happy lol

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ᴍᴏ(ᴋᴀᴛ)ᴄᴄɪɴᴏ's profile picture

Can you do this for photos, too? :0

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this site is giving me so many throwbacks to these fun tags u can use

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Now this is some cool stuff!

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Crash Test Dummy!1

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Crash Test Dummy!1

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being boing

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thank you :)

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great guide!
thanks for the shout-out

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i'm marquee fan aswell hehe
i can't stop using them!!

by ☆herman☆; ; Report

Thank you & welcome!!!!! i love using this effect here in the website, i always use it at my website that i practice scripting and it works great. too bad the wavy effect doesn't work here so i couldn't include that :p

by John-Richard Javier; ; Report

what wave effect man? could you link me to your website? i'd love to check it out !!

by ☆herman☆; ; Report

it's a private website, meaning i could only access the website using my own IP ;)
you could get the code on my repo:

by John-Richard Javier; ; Report


by ☆herman☆; ; Report