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Music From My Local Scene

List of bands/Artists (AZ Locals)
  • A Continent Named Coma 
For fans of: If I Die First, Wristmeetrazor, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Static Dress, Adventurer

  • An Awful Mess
For fans of: Senses Fail and Taking Back Sunday. Self described as a Southwestern post-hardcore/Emo band.
  • Constellations
For fans of: Oceans Ate Alaska, Flyleaf, Beartooth, melodic metalcore bands
  • Diva Bleach
For fans of: Constellations, Sariah, Destroy Boys, Beach Bunny, Mommy Long Legs
  • Doll Skin
For fans of: As December Fails, Pinkshift, Meet Me @ The Altar, Nova Twins
  • Fake A Home
For fans of: Nominee, Homesafe, Calling All Captains, anyone whos had work produced with Cameron Mizell
  • FigureItOut
For fans of:  You vs Yesterday, blessthefall, Neck Deep
  • Handsxfeet
For fans of: Lil Mik_e, Lil Peep, Deathbreaker, Man Ov God, As Lions And Lambs
  • Holy Fawn
For fans of: Whirr, Deafcult, Greet Death, Slow Crush
  • Hvshi
For fans of: Marko Penn, Darnel Williams, 21 Savage
  • Malaise
For fans of: Holy Fawn, Mogwai, Dream Theater, Deafhaven
  • Outsiders
For fans of: Dayshell, Versus Me, Wake Up Hate, Palisades
  • Rio Wiley
For fans of: Blackbear, Johnny Lemons, Chasing Velvet, Love Like Fiction
  • Saiah
For fans of: Fats'e, Glaive, guccihighwaters, 93FEETOFSMOKE, poptropicaslutz!
  • Sundressed
For fans of: Westbrook, Story Untold, Makeout, Seaway, Stand Atlantic
  • This Modern
For fans of: King Crimson, Viperclub, Dream Theater
  • Trubbleboy
For fans of: American Teeth, K!illy !dol, Chad Tepper, The Wrecks, The 1975
  • Troubled Minds
For fans of: Acne Superstar, Playboy Manbaby, Charmer, Save Face, Heart Attack Man
  • Viper Club
For fans of: Palomas, Waterparks, The Wrecks, Super Whatevr, Ds1! 
  • WinterHaven
For fans of: Dead Lakes, Nominee, Couch Dog, and  Chin up, Kid

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saiah and i are mutuals on other platforms i love their music!

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