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SpaceHey turns One!

WOW! SpaceHey turns 1 today! 🥳
One year ago, I launched SpaceHey to the world. I had just graduated from high school and couldn't travel around the world (which was my plan), so I started working on SpaceHey. It was planned as a fun, nostalgic project and I would have never thought that just one year later, there will be around 400 000 people on it! And yet, today - one year later - this is exactly the case! That's unreal!!
I want to take this special day as an opportunity to say thank you to every single one of you. Without you, SpaceHey wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you for your constant love and support, your kind and motivational words and most importantly, the kindness you all show to each other. SpaceHey is such a wonderful and inclusive community, and it's my main goal to keep it that way.

Art Project

In the past weeks, the submissions for the SpaceHey Art Project were open. I planned to publish all submissions today, but there were just so many submissions that I'm not done yet going through all of them and uploading them. However, the first ones are already online, and I'll gradually add the rest over the course of the next few days! As I am uploading the submissions, all participants will receive a "Art Project 2021 Participant" Badge on their profile. If yours isn't there yet, stay tuned - it will appear in the next few days! There are a lot of amazing submissions and I can't wait for you to see them all! You can view them here:


Christmas is in a  few weeks, so I'm starting the "SpaceHey Advent" again - just like last year! This means that I'll publish some useful SpaceHey tips and tricks every day starting December 1, until Christmas! So make sure to check :)

Thank you!

Last but not least, I wanted to say thank you again. I am immensely grateful for all your love and support over this past year, your enthusiasm for SpaceHey and all the kind and motivating words. I would not be at this point in my life without you: you helped me turn a fun project into an amazing platform with 400k people on it! You are awesome!!

I hope you have an amazing day,

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In light of the efforts of Elon and Twitter, have you considered a legacy trust or co-op method of financing/selling the site if that day ever comes for you? I hope that this site retains the Myspace method for the foreseeable future and have no belief whatsoever you would want to sell it, but in case there is ever a concern for the future or if this site ever becomes financially infeasible, it would be nice for the users to keep control.

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Jacob Persico

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I just joined and already I am loving this website. I started using social media with MySpace and I remember how we could custimize it. And well I moved to Facebook. SpaceHey is so nistagic because of how it is similar to what MySpace used to be. This website is a great project. Thank you so much for greating it for us.

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This is cool!

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Brandon K

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You're our hero, man. Keep up the great work 💯 hopr this get even more popular.. I'm telling all my friends about it

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Our modern day Tom
Congrats & can’t wait to see what all comes next!

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Christian Poetry Books

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This is everything!

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Token Skylark

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An, I sent you a email regarding verification. Can you verify my account please?

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I found out about your page through tiktok and I have to say it resembles myspace so much. I miss the original myspace so thank you for doing this and happy one year.

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Hello how you doing

by Gerald emeka; ; Report

Unstoppable Lobster

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I never used MySpace back in the day. When I heard about this project, I just had to check it out.

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary.

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Well I'm happy to be here! I just started using SpaceHey a few days ago and I love it compared to other socials. It's a breath of fresh air as it's nostalgia in it's purity.

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Impi Pitkänen

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Happy late birthday, SpaceHey!

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Happy Nameday, Spacehey!

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I love this site! Happy birthday spacehey!

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Good morning Ethan welcome to spacehey!

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Hi nat how are you?

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Late but better late than never. Happy belated birthday, SpaceHey. I love this site. xoxoxoxo

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Hi, amm, An, i think "Seam" is right, and, idk if u already saw this but anyway, here it is "Hi An, and all y'all who choose to read this,

First of all, thanks for making a cool project like this.

As SpaceHey continues to grow, what are ways that an up-and-coming social media platform could mindfully design and enable a more ethical user experience? How can we choose to design for good? While corporatized platforms like Facebook strive to drag users into addictive feedback loops, can SpaceHey intentionally foster a user interface and interaction with cues that aren't intended to drive addiction and shoot up and sustain those MAUs?

I understand that this is a fan-made project intended for fun, but you have an opportunity here to create a space in which you can curate that balance and to pave an exploratory path for a healthy environment which others can follow. A space for friends, I think, should not have the intensely claustrophobic dopamine-driven design that is so invasively prevalent in our current cyberspace. That would be a toxic relationship.

The avenue that SpaceHey provides for customization and user-specific tailoring is what I think is bringing a lot of people in, and I know that a lot of us appreciate that feeling of control and user agency. An open question: would allowing for more control in common spaces on the site be a benefit or a detriment to people inhabiting this platform? I believe that more control would be beneficial: for example, on the home page--what if we had the option to turn off the profile view count? What does that statistic actually do? I can see how it is cool data for the sake of data, but could it drive people to reflect that number upon their own self worth? However, I understand that it can be difficult to find a balance in offering customization and a chaotic interface, and may not be for everyone.

Would you want to avoid creating the surface level interactions like quick in and out interaction of 'double-tap and keep swiping' on Instagram? What potential is there for enabling addiction as you code the currently-in-development section of instant messaging? The potential power for a site that's pulling on nostalgic heartstrings echoing for a past in which we felt more genuine is substantial, and like Ben Parker quoted from somewhere, that great power comes with a great responsibility.

Also, as a tangential thought addressed to us who are inhabiting this space that's being created: as 'users' of a site, what power do we have, and what is our "right" in use of a platform that's being created by another? Is it entitlement to ask for better design, even if we may not know exactly what that is?

Perhaps I'm just rejecting the thought of being told what's good for me as a user. After all, there is an inherent conflict of interest between the well-being of a user and the stakeholders who profit from social platforms. When Twitter or Instagram decide to develop a new feature, they're not just doing it for fun -- it's a carefully measured investment to intensify our addiction or push product. (For example, this can be seen in Instagram’s recent disastrous rearrangement of categories, replacing the upload button with the shopping or ‘reels’ tab.)

Anyway, as this is not, (hopefully, not yet), a space driven by a corporation, I am hopeful and grateful that there IS a space, and that I can still have the chance to personally address the designer. (Yes, I know, servers aren't growing on trees, and someone's got to keep the lights running.) In this, I am also glad to know that they are still a person, but it is true that a person's responsibility can only realistically extend so far.

As SpaceHey gains the press it deserves, I naively hope that there aren't hyenas viewing it as the "next big thing" to capitalize upon and eventually bleed dry as just another cash resource. Sure, there is the option and response of "just stop using it if you don't like it", but keep in mind that the whole MO of modern social media is to keep you hooked as intensely as possible. Also, who enjoys the pain of loneliness? Someone made a site, I'm here, I'm talking. I like having friends, (or at least the perception of friends....oof.) Despite my rant, I'm excited and quite pleased at the possibilities in reclaiming the internet. As An rolls out this forum feature, and maybe we can have a classic and healthy discussion--with productive debating!"

And, thanks for bringing back the good part of internet, pls don't stop with ur projects

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I do not get this

by rai-rai ; ; Report