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Were You on the Original MySpace or Nah?

(Note: I recently posted this as a bulletin, but it felt, um, bloggy so I'm posting it here as well. Reusable content! Yay!)

I've been looking around my friends list, and my friends' friends lists, and my friends' friends' friends lists, and I've noticed a few trends:

  1. I wander around on social media way too much.
  2. Some of you were friends with me on the original MySpace.
  3. The rest of you look way too fucking young to even remember MySpace.
So what's your story? Were you on the original and now you're here looking for some nostalgia? If not, how did you find this place and why are you here?

To answer my own questions, yes, of course I was on the original. I'm old AF. I'm also too old to be using the abbreviation "AF". But while I'm old, note that I never said I was mature. 

The reason I'm here is the nostalgia. I really and truly enjoyed the old MySpace. And you know what else I miss?


I miss the crazy ass I was on the old website. You see, I was a humor blogger, and I really let my imagination run wild. I'd write crazy essays about how to pick up girls (NOTE: I hope nobody followed that advice) or how I got my own TV show on NBC (NOTE: I didn't, but a few actor/screenwriter types thought I did and tried to network with me) or a few times I let my body parts blog, especially my--well, you know the one. (NOTE: Yes, that one)

Nothing has ever replaced the canvas that MySpace put in front of me, and that includes my seven years as a standup comedian. I MISS the original MySpazz.

I doubt this will totally recreate that for me, because, well, for one thing I now have a wife and two young daughters. Ain't no way I'm going to get the time needed to rewrite dick jokes just right. And also, sadly, I really doubt that this website makes it. How can it? There are no ads, and some gigantic lawsuit must be out there right now just brewing. MySpace Tom was no dummy.

Okay, enough about me, what about you?

P.S. For just one day, I had the seventh most popular blog on MySpace. You know who was eighth? Justin Timberlake. You know that just eats at JT to this day.

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Salacious Bee

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I'm glad you're here. As a former MySpaz'er, I migrated to FB reluctantly. When the NOTES category went away, I was pretty much out. Like you, I loved my time on MySpaz, and I truly hope this space flourishes because I've gotten tired of the shenanigans. I need the old shenanigans back...maybe with a little spit-shine on them. :)

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One kudo for a repost.

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Ms. LC Webs

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I wasn't actually that active on the original Myspace, but I still liked it better than fb, especially with the cancer that place has become. Hope this place does well. It just... Feels so much better here.

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I second this -- I loved MySpaz. I loved the fact that it wasn't political or a place for trolls and bullies to play. I loved that there were no time-outs for idiots -- the community took care of their own.

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I'm baaaack. (Thanks to you) Whether this is a good thing remains to be seen but, just like everyone else, I've been looking for an alternative to Facebook. Now I just need to get everyone I know (or want to still know) over here.

You do remember that I met you on MySpace, right? Now here we are one beautiful wife (yours) and two adorable kids (also yours) later and I have nothing nearly as exciting to show for it.

I'm looking forward to reading those blogs again!

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Loree Harrell

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Yeah, I was there, yeah we were somewhere in the intersecting spirals. I was probably the last body out, because I HATED the abbreviated six word (no word) communications on FB. Still not delighted, but that's where most of my MS people are, so.

I'll get something up on my profile any minute now.

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I never liked Facebook.

Okay maybe that’s unfair. I like certain aspects of it, including what it’s done for my business, but I’ve always felt so restricted artistically. This is so much more...freeing.

by Slow Joe; ; Report

Exactly. I'm so restricted on their, that I'm not even sure I know what I have to say any more.

by Loree Harrell; ; Report

Oh fine. I can't edit to "there". I shall have to pay attention.

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