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There are a lot more cheesecakes and mirror glazed cakes that I couldn't find pictures for since I deleted my Instagram.
 I did work in a bakery for a bit, but I made French pastries.
 My decorating isn't very good, it's just something I have a lot of fun with. 
I love trying out flavor combinations and making fun things for my friends.

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omg the yoshi is so cute. these look great

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thank you! I really want to make a full bodied Yoshi but I'm not very good at shaping cake haha.

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Anne Abscission

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Everything looks so amazing! What are the heart shaped cream puffs called?

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They’re fried doughnuts with Bavarian cream :) it was my first time making shaped doughnuts and I was very proud they held their shape for the most part lol.

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Dionysus The Donkey

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OMG!Is that the paradise?
I'm hungry!

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Diogenes Nuts Ⓐ

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I’ll hit you up next time I’m in Seattle lol

by Olive Oyl; ; Report

hell yeah i'll make brownies

by Diogenes Nuts Ⓐ; ; Report


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I’m drooling omg

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🖤🖤🖤 I need to figure out how to ship stuff because I rarely eat them haha. I just like making stuff!

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I’m a carb hoe. I will gladly accept treats and tell you how wonderful you are.

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daaaaaammmmnn look at that! so much good looking stuff!

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Oh my!!!! They look delicious! I want them all

by Nakoma Nix; ; Report

thank you! 🖤

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