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I started online school last month. I was supposed to start a long time ago, in September, but admissions was just screwing around with my transcripts, and apparently they still don't know what to do with them.

They said since I'm just starting I can only take two classes but so far it's been really easy. It's self-directed so I just do assignments on my own time. On the calendar there appears to be one assignment for each class per week. There's no actual due date though there is an end date for the classes.

It's been pretty boring. I started the semester with going to the library to read my class outlines and whatnot. Turns out I don't need to go to the library at all. I mean my desk is always a mess but I really don't need to take notes or anything. Now I just do the assignments at the end of the week though I got stuck on last week's assignments since the content is so boring. And I had to watch a 20 minute long video to answer 5 measly questions. It's so boring and hard to follow along with.

I just finished one assignment for history and then I have another weird one to do. Then tomorrow I guess I'll do the other two.

This is really boring is all I gotta say. If they'd let me start in September I might be done by now. I was also planning on going out of province for school but obviously not a good idea especially with how things have changed at home.

Anyway that's all I felt like writing. I actually have blogged since 2008 but I hardly do it anymore. Too much pressure or nothing to write about. If you've gotten this far and actually read this post let me know what your favourite subject in school is/was. Leave it in the comments below and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe. Kidding.


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