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This is a non-exhaustive list of some questions that I get asked more often than others! I definitely don’t mind talking to everyone and answering every question but I also thought this might save everyone a little time to have some of the answers here. It also saves me from looking for lots of pages and things that I used previously for help and didn't save to my bookmarks

Did you make your layout / code your own page?
Yes! This is how I liked to have my pages look back on Myspace and Friendproject - I dig the sort of minimalist, girly vibe. I’m absolutely dumb as hell when it comes to HTML & CSS as well, so I find it difficult to explain things that I’ve done here which leads me to my next common question..

Can you help me with my layout?

I will absolutely do my best if you have questions about something that you specifically see on MY page. I can’t tell you how anyone else did anything because I simply don’t get it. I have already had someone fully rip my entire layout from the source code and hardly make any changes to it, which was definitely really frustrating to come across at first but I had to ultimately surrender to the fact that this is Spacehey - and taking bits and pieces of code from others is exactly how we make our own spaces for ourselves! Besides, I got here by taking bits and pieces of CSS from others who were offering it. Here are a few places that I got a few of my bits of CSS from: (one, two, and three) I also recently posted another blog with some of the really basic CSS codes that I use on my page to keep it 'tidy' looking, here.

Where did you get your blinkies / graphics?
I found the blinkies here, here, and here - except for the 'Dynasty' blinkie, which I made. My ‘online’ gif is from here, and the peaches in my contact box are from here. 'Bimbo Rights!' and 'That's Hot!' graphics were made here. Every other image / graphic / gif on my page was made by me

Will you add me on ___?
Probably, depending on what! My twitter is a fan account so probably not there unless we have similar things in common that I use that space for. You’re welcome to add me on Neopets, and I’m not currently adding new friends on Nintendo Switch but I probably will be soon because I want to play Animal Crossing with everyone!

What’s your sexuality / pronouns?
I’m a lesbian! I also am nonbinary but in that very specific way that lesbians know, so I don’t feel comfortable identifying as trans or taking up space in trans spaces and discussions. My disconnect from my gender is inherently tied to my sexuality. I’m also married! My partner uses they/them pronouns, and I use she/her.

What do you do for work?
By career I am a special FX makeup artist for film and television, though I moved away from most of my contacts a little while ago and am just waiting to settle in to my new place so I can get back to work! I’ve spent a lot of my life working various retail jobs and I am also an ex - sex worker.

Do you add everyone / will you please unadd ___?
In general I tend to add first, delete later. If someone has done something to hurt you and you see that I’m giving them a platform please feel free to bring it to my attention.

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