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O My Gadt..............You Found Me

I cannot do twitter. It is melting and smelting and kvelting my headbrain into a million headbrain peices. everywhere i look, everywhere i breathe, its just joe biden's hideous face contorting intslef into a stroke and saying c'mon man for infinity........i carn't do it, i just cant. my partner is living with me now and is pissed about how much of a shit i give about twitter and how much i habitually obsess about to the point of breakdown so......i gotta make Some Changes Around Here (here being, my uh....craniuminals.....)


If you know me from twitter holy shit here i am u have located me. this is where im doing my business regarding my music and creative ventures. its kind of perfect. no ads! no biden strokeface! no bullshit! no evil! no broken humans saying broken things doing broken things! my addled paddles need to straddle this.....ill be able to advertise A Lot More Creatively and have overall A Lot More Fun. fuck fame and fuck attention im not here 2 be a public figure i just wanna get Fuckin Paid for my art. and fuck YOU if you are MAD as an artist i am not here 2 suck your dick u are here 2 suck mine. if u are a fellow artist i know from twitter than welcome i hope u can post here and not on twitter also. i never got to experience myspace in its heyday so the concept of a place like this very excites me. i must take care of my mental health i do not like becoming CRAZY HAMBURGER human, and so thus i have escaped to the beautifully uncorrupted Space Hayven Worlde

if you are seeing me for the first time ever, hi! im wierd! im trans! i make music! have been for about a decade! im kinda good at it i think.....i make a lot of songs about a lot of shit.....u should listen and support it.....

im an artist on Grimalkin records and they are my family, pls look them up and check out their releases, i love every single person like family there

im watching star trek and listening to the old CCM of my youth on youtube for some reason! im in a mood tonight! im the greatest hecc you

no witch ever dared judge me a wizard and live to know life not a lizard 𝅂𝅂𝅂𝅂𝅂𝅂𝅂

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