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2021 Shit Show: Kpop Edition

Oh boy this year. This... year already. X_X February alone, let's recap thus far:

  1. In 48 hours, they have been accused of being "bullies": Kihyun, Hyunjin, Hyuna, Byeong Gyu, Sunwoo, Aisha, Chuu, Mingus, Soo Jin, Dong Hee and 3(?) others.
  2. Amber is being attacked of Twitter -- for whatever reason? 
  3. Han Seo Hee has started a youtube. (how and why is she still breathing free air?)
  4. Jennie and GD are dating. (lol, no YG statement)
  5. Kihyun and Bona are dating. (denied by SS so fast)
  6. Rain has abused his power to push back ONF on Week Idol to squeeze in Ciipher?
  7. KBS has postponed CBH (will probably start again when Byeong Gyu is proven innocent.)
  8. This load of shit: 그룹 스트레이키즈 멤버 현진이 학교폭력 의혹에 휩싸인 가운데 무대서 모습을 감췄다.
  9. 24일 온라인으로 진행된 MBN ‘와이 포럼 2021’의 스트레이키즈 축하 무대에서는 현진을 제외한 7명의 멤버들로 무대가 구성됐다. (long story short, JYP pulled Hyunjin from MBN Y Forum 2021)
  10. Papa Tuan was hacked.
  11. Newbie's are boohooing over Taeyang's hair from years ago and trying to "cancel" him. (word from us old stans, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT DOWN!)
  12. Jiyeon getting death threats 

On better news:

  • Chuu's agency is threatening accuser with a lawsuit.
  • Chanyeol is back. ^_^

I literally don't want to know what is next.

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