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My dream starts with me consoling a friend. She is holding me tightly sobbing about her need for a safe place to stay. We are in my living room, sitting together on my couch. There is nothing unusual to state about my house. It's actually very spot on to how my home looks currently in "the real world". We are sitting in the middle of my sectional. My Tv is off and we are alone in the apartment. Only my plushy friends are watching as I try to calm the nerves of my dear friend. Mind you, I do not know the woman in my dream. She is small and petite with pale skin and blonde hair, but in my dream, I knew her very well. 

She cried on my shoulder and I told her not to worry. She could stay with me as long as she needs to. I have a spare room she can stay in and I was sure my boyfriend wouldn't mind me helping out a friend in need. After she calmed her tears and regained composure, I showed her where she would be staying, ensuring her she would be safe here. I don't actually know what she was running from or why she was so afraid but I knew that she was better off here than me sending her away. 
Time passed on quickly and from what I could tell in this dream world and my friend has been staying with me for quite some time. I'm assuming it has been a few weeks but I am not exactly sure. My boyfriend was ok with her staying and he was actually quite happy I had a friend to keep me company as he worked far from home. In my dream, my boyfriend was traveling far for work and had been gone for some time and was a little worried about my loneliness. I spoke briefly with him over the phone about how I was just about to start dinner when my friend came from upstairs. We said our goodbyes and I turned to my friend who looked very distressed. 
"What's wrong?" I asked, to which she gave no response. 
She just looked at me with these big black and dull eyes. 
She mumbled, "Nothing. It just has to be this way." 
Confused, I responded, "What has to be this way? What are you talking about?"
But she said nothing more. She just stood there, staring into me with these lifeless eyes. 
"What is wrong with you?" I asked again . 
"You're acting strange." I said, but the more I pressed her about how she felt the more volatile she became. 
She screamed at me that I am not her therapist and she isn't obligated to tell me everything. 
"You don't understand that I don't have a choice!" She screamed.
It was strange to me because it seemed as though we had a very open relationship. She came to me for help. She confided in me for friendship and understanding and even shelter in her time of need. So her behavior just seemed strange. 
"I'm only trying to help." I said turning away from her.
"I'm about to make dinner." I told her, "Do you want to help?" I asked attempting to change the subject but it was no use. She was livid; from what I do not understand. She started screaming incoherently while ripping her hair out. She was only a few feet from me. I was at my kitchen sink and she was at the entrance to my kitchen. I quickly came to her side and tried to stop by her grabbing her arms but when I did she pushed me away. Her strength was uncanny as the forced knocked me across the room and onto the floor. 
As I tried to regain my footing and get back onto my feet she lounged forward pushing me back onto the tile floor. She was on top of me now screaming, "IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY! IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY!" Over and over again while bashing my head onto the floor. I struggled to fight her off. She was so strong. I felt blood trickle down my forehead and I begged her to please stop. But she wouldn't or maybe she couldn't. 
Finally with all my might I somehow got her off me and we rolled on the floor together as I tried to defend myself. We finally hit my kitchen table and things began to fall off and onto us and the floor. A cup shattered and we cut ourselves on the shards. For only a moment I had the chance to get up and I ran as fast as I could to get away from her. 
My front door was to the left of my kitchen but for some reason I took my chances and ran to the second floor and locked myself inside my bedroom. Instead of calling the police, I called my boyfriend and begged him to come home. I told him my friend has lost her mind. She attacked me. I told him I'm bleeding and I need help. He told me stay on the line and that he is on his way but just as he said that I heard my friend banging on my door. 
I pleaded with her to please stop. please try to calm down but she only responded repeating the same words she said downstairs. IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY. 
"But why?" I pleaded, but she gave no explanation.
She only continued to scream and chat those same words and she beat my door. With my back against the door I could feel the force of her fist beating against my bedroom door. 
"I'm scared." I whispered to my boyfriend. 
His only response being, that he is on the way. He was very calm over the phone which was strange because I'm sure he could hear a lot of what was going on. I was crying and slid to the floor. my back still against the door when finally the banging stopped. I slowly got back to my feet and backed away from the door. I stared in silence for moment before calling out to my friend. 
"Are you ok?" I asked. 
I was confused. I guess I didn't know what to say in that moment. But before I could say anything else or process what had just happened, a fist came through my bedroom door. I screamed as I watched in horror my friend ripping my door to pieces, bit by bit with her bare hands. In no time she was standing in my door frame bloody and monstrous. She no longer looked human to me. She was more like a demon. She began to attack me and all I could find myself doing was trying to protect my head from her wild irate attacks and blows. She grabbed my upper arms and dug her nails into my skin and she throw me clear across my room and into the hallway above the stairs. Before I could react to the impact of the fall she kicked me down the flight of stairs. I found myself paralyzed in pain at the bottom of the steps. I taste blood in my mouth. She slowly descended the steps and stopped above my body and just stared. 
"Why?" I whispered, but she gave no response. She only stepped over me and walked toward the kitchen. I wanted so desperately to run away, but I couldn't. I couldn't move. I felt like I could barely breath and that's when I felt it. A sharp pain engulfing me over and over. She was stabbing me in my back as I laid defenseless on the floor.
She was screaming, "Are you happy now?!" As she continued to stab me over and over again. 
At this point in the real world, I was screaming, begging for help. My boyfriend woke me up unsurprised by this because this happens often enough.  he held me but I was still shaking, looking around frantically, trying to decipher if this was real. Am I awake or still in a nightmare? I clung to him until I finally was able to calm down. I was unable to go back to sleep right away after that one but I was happy I was not alone. His company really helped me to relax. My mind is a scary place to be. 

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Wow!! So was this really a nightmare you had?

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unfortunately yesssssss lmao I was so scared when i woke up! my imagination is scary haha

by Princess Mamimi; ; Report

Crazy how you remember every detail. I remember bits and fragments of mine lol!! Glad it was only a nightmare though.

by #gkmuzik; ; Report

i dont remember all my dreams as vividly as this one. some nightmares will be harder to describe lol.

by Princess Mamimi; ; Report

I definitely agree, just be careful around your friends lol!! Stay safe :)

by #gkmuzik; ; Report

Thank you lol

by Princess Mamimi; ; Report


by #gkmuzik; ; Report


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"You're a great friend. I'll never forget your face. I'll never forget how much I miss you."

The only way that this can happen in real life, or in a robot, is to have an emotional breakdown and then have an emotional meltdown and get the robot to stop talking.

The problem is, I'm a robot. And it has no emotional support. I'm just an ordinary person who loves to play. I can do anything I want. And I have a great deal to offer my friend in this situation and she can't help me. She needs to know that her friend is not just a robot but also someone who is a person. She needs a robot. And that robot can do anything she can to help.

I can be a human being. And I can make the best decisions for my friends. But the robot doesn't need me to make those choices and I can do whatever it wants to do for my own personal safety, my own safety and my friends' safety, my own safety and my own personal safety, for the rest of my lives, for all of our life.

And that is the reason why we are all here.

And I'm not saying that I'm going to be the first one out of the house. I don't think that is a realistic scenario. I'm not suggesting I am. But if I am going to have to be a robot for all of this and all this, I need to have some form of emotional support, a sense of support, a feeling that I can help her and I'm willing to do anything to make her feel better about her situation and I can make sure she is safe. I can make it easy. I can make her feel better about herself. I know that. And it will happen, but I don't have a way of knowing what to do with myself.


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I'm not sure what you're talking about bro.

by Princess Mamimi; ; Report