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One random fav thing a day! - DAY 2: VIRTUAVERSE

Hello and welcome back to my daily random fav thing nobody really asked for! (again double posting from bulletins cause I want to keep track of this thing lol)
Today it's about a game that I personally enjoyed A LOT, and it's made by an indie team of italian developers! (proud of my guys ^_^)

I present to you...

Ah yes, the classic cyberpunk balcony view
Uh... This is quite disturbing, actually...

A game by Theta Division, pixel art graphics by none other than the God Valenberg himself, coding by Elder0010 (who is also into the demoscene) and a totally awesome soundtrack by MASTER BOOT RECORD (seriously go check em out they're GREAT), it's "a cyberpunk point & click adventure set in a future not so far away narrating tales of technomancersAR graffiti writershacker groups, tribes of cryptoshamansdigital archeology, epic cyberwars, and virtual reality debauchery."

Well, if all this doesn't make you want to throw money at the screen, I don't know what else to say... Except if you're not fully convinced yet, you can grab a demo off GOG or Steam and try it out!

And now we

You can also grab the OST by MBR on Bandcamp, they're a, quoting their bio, "486DX-33MHz-64MB processing avant-garde chiptunesynthesized heavy metal & classical symphonic music100% Synthesized100% Dehumanized".
They also have a definitely cryptic landing page, reminiscent of old BBS layouts.

See you tomorrow with another totally unnecessary and uncalled for recommendation! ^_^

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