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Why am I here?

I caved and made a SpaceHey because...

leaving MySpace for Facebook always felt like a crime. I can't for the life of me figure out why in the h*ll we all migrated to such a boring, uninspiring platform. Our own blog? Colorful, animated layouts? Music on our profile? Hello???

It felt like my own secret little corner on the internet. Where I could spill my babybat heart out. Sure, some of it would make me cringe today... but I bet you that some of it would make me proud too! I could spend hours making my profile look like my own website; a portal to a sweet, pastel heaven or a black and red underworld. And we traded that for what? A bland feed full baby pics and out-of-touch boomers making passive aggressive comments about our lifestyle choices?! L OH f**king L. WHY?!

Anyways. Not sure if I'll do much with this but I hope it finds some kind of success! That would be sweet!

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