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Flash | Playing games and animations and browsing the internet as it was in the early 2000s

Hello there!

Given the nature of this particular website and the asthetic we all enjoy, we should address one thing that is near-impossible to view in modern browsers - Flash.

Anyone who used the internet in the 90s - mid-00s remembers Flash being on every website, every game, every basic interaction. It was EVERYWHERE and you simply could not use the internet without having Flash installed on your computer.

However, Flash was officially killed off in late-2020. This caused many, many people (including myself) to panic and worry that all the wonderful games and websites that used flash would disappear forever. Fortunately, this has all been preserved* (more on this later). And if you would like to go back and play some of these wonderful games and play around in these great websites I'm going to show you how using a combination of 2 different, easy to use, methods.

Flash Games - BlueMaxima's Flashpoint

Note: Be sure you are downloading the Infinity version of this software

Flashpoint is a bit of software that allows you to play any preserved game or animation in an arcade-style program. It works by essentially downloading the core software then it downloads the games as you play them or animation when you watch it. They support Flash, Shockwave, Java, and soooo much more. Wonderful bit of software.

Edit: If you'd like to get some awesome playlists to help you find some of the best games on the platform head here and grab a bunch!

Flash Websites - PaleMoon + Flash

Note: This link will take you to a full portable build of PaleMoon with Flash already added. If you would like to download these items yourself you will need to download the portable build of PaleMoon then download the last build of Flash that didn't have the kill date built in, then add that flash dll to the folder lib/mozilla/plugins inside of your PaleMoon download.

This is a great way to experience the Flash days of the internet. Using this in combination with the Wayback Machine you'll get to look at and play around in many early websites that ares simply non-functional these days. The Internet Archive does the best they can, but many times you'll still find missing images, broken links, and empty elements. Still, you'll find some wonderful gems.

Well, that's bout it. Let me know if you have any issues and I'll try to help you as best as I can. Cheers!

*There are time where you'll come in to a situation just to find that a game or website you're looking for is just....gone. Many times this has to do with online features breaking the game or site. In those situations there's really nothing that can be done, and it does make me sad knowing this. 

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even sites which don't have working flash in the Internet Archive might have been backed up in flashpoint! just go to the search box and type "site", it should pop up with a ton of them

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Emmalyn Reyes

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Yeah kinda sad that they killed Flash. I miss playing on

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omggg that was my childhood

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Alveus Nosville

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My choice is using Ruffle or official Flash developmen builds you can still get from their site, but for which I no longer have the link for PC or just using PSP which only consistently works with .swf files up to 512KB and requires you know the exact filepath and doesn't work with most games BUT it does work enough to try around.
Combined with the fact that 4chan togteher with their flash board is also one of the maybe 3 sites I know that still wok on PSP is just perfect.

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