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One random fav thing a day! - DAY 1: D&W

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well today!
This was posted as a bulletin earlier today, but I decided to double post it as blog entry because it's going to disappear in 9 days :)
I've decided to post a random fav thing a day until... Until I get bored eventually ^_^'

 So, today's recommendation is... Drugs & Wires, by Mary Safro and Io Black.

The webcomic started as a sort of graphic novel/collection of glitchy cyberpunk illustrations, specifically "a trilogy of motion comics published between 2013 and 2014" and then it became a full fledged comic with even a spin-off prequel: Blue Pill Arcade, and a dating game, both available on -->HERE<--

From the official website:

"The year is 1995.

Grunge and alt-rock dominate the airwaves. Floppy disks are still the storage medium of choice. The mainstream media can’t shut up about this amazing new thing called the “Information Superhighway.” And in the shadows of glittering megacities, a loose alliance of cyber-anarchists, techno-pagans, and razorgirls is waging covert war against power-hungry corporations, sinister governments, and injustice and corruption in all of its forms.

This is not their story.

No, this is the story of Dan, pissy misanthrope and recovering VR junkie, now condemned to a dead-end job delivering sketchy packages in a post-Soviet urban hellhole.

This is the story of Lin, a cybernetics installer who treats concepts like “anesthesia” and “disinfectant” as annoying inconveniences, and likes to soundtrack life-altering surgeries with Cannibal Corpse.

And above all, this is the story of what happens when the future that never was meets the past that we occasionally poke fun at on VH1. Welcome to Drugs and Wires."

You can find the original Dreamspace project HERE (just follow the link)

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