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the first entry hehe

hello there spacehey ! wow, this is actually crazy ; i was too young for myspace, but here we are with spacehey and i'm super excited ! life has been kind of crazy recently...i've been trying to juggle so many things at once and balance it all together, and, let me tell you, it's super hard as i'm sure most of you can attest to lol . i just started a new job two weeks ago, my heart isn't fully into this church ministry that i'm in, my heart is way too invested in a different church ministry that i'm apart of, i'm out and about taking pictures almost every day, and i'm hanging out with friends almost every day . i'm sure you're reading this and going "oh boo-hoo...life is so hard", and, believe me, i'm still super grateful that i'm able to do everything that i do, by the grace of God alone...i just haven't had any time to rest, my sleep schedule is all over the place, and my physical health is probably the worse that it's been in forever . but that's life right ? the give and take...all of the ups and downs...it's tough...and while all this is happening, what's preoccupied my mind is my future, whether i want to go into the seminary and become a priest, whether i want to start dating again and become a husband, and then become a deacon...so many thoughts that i haven't had time to rest and relax and breathe...i've just been so busy...y'know ? but here we are...typing my very first entry on spacehey JAJAJAJAJ . i don't know what future entries will hold, but hopefully more of you come along for the ride teehee xD

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