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11/27 Photo Blog (Travel Update)

Sorry for not updating my blog for a while, I've been traveling by car to see my parents for the past few days and I've been a bit busy travelling. I also would blog about how I spent thanks giving with my parents, but my parents don't like having anything about them on the internet lol. They'd be pretty angry if they found out that I did post pictures of them online, so I'll do the next best thing and talk about the hotel I spent at while driving to my parents house:

The hotel I booked was pretty fancy, but my parents helped pay for a night with some reward points they have. I did come pretty late at night for my room, so it was dead when I got there. There were barely any workers while I was looking around, there seemed to be one concierge manning the front and that was it.

I can't even imagine how much it would cost to stay here normally, everything about this place just screamed opulent. 

I almost considered getting a drink at the bar if there was a bartender around, but thankfully for my health it was also vacant lol. I probably wouldn't even be able to afford a drink here if I wanted.

The last picture of my stay was how it looked like inside my hotel room, but in hindsight my picture looks kinda bad lol. I was pretty tired this late at night to be fair, I just ate a cup of instant ramen that was way over-priced and then showered and crashed. I overslept more than I wanted the morning afterwards and I rushed over to my parents to not be late for the big day. It was nice in general, I don't get to see my parents as often as I'd like to and I don't really get a lot of time off to myself. I can also feel the holiday season coming in slowly as time moves on, and it's something that I've missed for a while.

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