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LAYOUT - Customizable Polaroids & Journal

Weverton Cliffs, WV
Spring rain
Misty hikes
First Snow
Appalachian Trail
Downtown NYC

Here is an h1.

Here is an h2.

Here is an h3.

Here is an h4.

Hover over a Polaroid to see the whole thing.

Click here to get this layout.


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im trying to add the pics to my polaroid's but its grey HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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omg can you pleas tell me how you got your pics up. Im been trying for 2 days now lmao

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by MentionTheeGoat; ; Report

okay I sent you a friend request once u except it I can message u

by beauty8937; ; Report

Hi! To add the pics, copy and paste the direct links to your images in place of the hash (#) in the code where all the --image#: url("#"); lines appear. Make sure you DON'T erase the quotation marks. Make sure you are using the DIRECT LINK to the image. If you have done all those things correctly and are still having issues, feel free to reach out for more help!

by cristiana; ; Report

Matt Orso

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Hey, I can't make my link block appear when I add this layout to my profile. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?

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Which link block are you referring to? The profile URL? If it's the profile URL, that part of the layout is a little wonky. It's not lined up right and I gave up trying to make it sit in it's proper place. It should appear to the lower right of the "SpaceHey URL:" line.

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This is nuts!! Great work!

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Awe, thanks so much!

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