My$p@c3 *-

Wowwwww this is crazy. it feels like I'm back home.  when I made my 1st profile it was 2005(?) I was young as hell. Around then it was baggy clothes, emo/scene kids, flip phones *click!*
t-mobile sidekicks, Tru Religion,  Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, Hollister, American Eagle, Baby Phat, Rockstar Belts, Grillz, Soulja Boy just broke the internet, YouTube, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, PSPs, Nintendo DS, PS3, Xbox 360,  MTV actually had good shows, Jackass, etc.   an ERA.

 Myspace was my training wheels to social media, and looking back remembering how simple the internet (and life) was as a whole is crazy, soooo much has changed.  Good & bad..  

Every few years I'd search "sites like myspace" or ask on twitter if anyone has heard of any new social media sites I can look into basically tryna chase my high from myspace so hopefully this stays lmaoooo

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Im already too invested lol at the very least it will remain a fake memoir in my head at the very least

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This will be lit if we make it lit.

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