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diary entry 2 - alex's makoto x kusuke brainrot continues

its almost 1 am here. dont mind my awful writing but im on my phone and making my text look professional for a spacehey blog entry is not worth my time lolol good grammar is for fanfiction only!!

just finished reading a doujinshi i have gotten weeks ago. it was so worth it. 

Happy Darling 1 and 2 by @a_kanko ft. several other artists is such an adorable manga series...  
even though makoto and kusuke arent liked in the saiki k fandom i genuinely find them one of my favorite comfort ships.
i love seeing them become better people and happier together <3
makoto teruhashi and saiki kusuke
(image by @rico_0113)

i got tons of shit on tiktok for just imagining them in a happy relationship which pisses me off so bad. why cant i enjoy anything on the internet anymore? jfc.

im thinking about making my own visual novel, either torisai (toritsuka x saiki) one or a makokuu (makoto x kusuke) one. ill make sure to improve my writing skills first!!! 

im not going to let anyone stop me from creating content about my beloved underrated ships haha 

sorry i talked so much about my ships again, i really need help with that dont i?
i should be sleeping after a bad day, but here we are, updating a blog entry that no one will read
i feel bad for people who refresh the blog page to see a depressed teenager ramble about their fav anime characters kissing lmao

ill get going, i need to get up for school in 5 hours!! goodnight everyone <3

makoto teruhashi and saiki kusuke under an umbrella

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