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progress on my fangan [danganronpa fangame] pt 1 !!

so for the last year or so i've been working on a fangan and i'm finally getting to drawing the characters!! it's been a lot of time fleshing them out in tons of notebooks and designing the plot but as things are now starting to come together a bit i thought i would share some of it !!

here's our cast:

shinobu inaba: ult ghostwriter, they/them [protag]
jun hayami: ult robotic engineer, he/she [support]
tsuki sawamatsu: ult journalist, he/him [support]
chizuru najime: ult dollmaker, she/they [antag]
kaoru arakawa: ult chessmaster, he/him [antag]
adriaan graf: ult clarinetist, he/him
chika sawamatsu: ult linguist, she/her [tsuki's twin sister]
meiyo uzumaki: ult astronomer, they/them
mitsuko makiguchi: ult illustrator, she/her
takuo hiyoka: ult fanclub president, he/they
shii yoshiteru: ult architect, he/him
rin iwasaki: ult composer, he/him
hikari edwards: ult tea inventor, she/her
arata matsuoka: ult cartographer, she/her
katsumi kanaka: ult markswoman, she/her
akemi nanase: ult ice skater, she/her

sprites take a loooong time to draw ^^' so pictures of those guys soon !! for now here's one of adriaan's sprites :] 

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